The report is ready – we create jobs

Halden Plastgjenvinning AS has engaged VISTA Analyse AS, which is a leading social science analysis company with the main emphasis on financial assessment, evaluation, consulting and research.

The report is currently published and publicly available.

The analysis shows that the investments in the investment period 2021-2022 will generate jobs corresponding to 11 person-years locally as a direct and indirect consequence of the measure.

Nationally, a total of 16 person-years will be generated.

The operation of the plant is estimated to create 21 person-years (25 jobs) locally.

Nationally, a total of 28 person-years (33 jobs) will be generated.


This analysis primarily addresses the following wider economic impact effects when establishing new companies:

Direct effects

Production and employment in the industry you study. The scope of the industry itself.

Indirect effects

Production and employment with suppliers. Wider economic impact effects through subcontracting.

Induced effects

Production and employment by public and private consumption and investments as a result of profits and salaries. Wider economic impact effects through income earning and income use.